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Udjeev, derived from Sanskrit word ujjivati means come to life again or revive.

Udjeev's vision is total wellness. Mission is body and mind rejuvanation.

Physiotherapy or physical rehabilitation aims to restore proper functioning of the body or in cases of permanent disabilities reduce pain and improve quality of life. Ergonomics is the science of designing and fitting the workplace and the tools to suit the worker to minimise injury and improve quality and productivity of work.

Udjeev Work Life Solutions aims at achieving the best possible results by combining both, Physiotherapy and Ergonomics, in essence improve quality of work and life by understanding pain, identifying problems, and providing solutions to achieve a Work-Life balance for mind, body and spirit.

We at Udjeev Work Life Solutions are a specialist facility providing professional Physiotherapy and Ergonomic Solutions. Committed to pain relief, our highly motivated team gives effective solutions for work related musculoskeletal disorders, management of pain in day to day activities and provide cost effective ergonomic solutions at workplace and home.

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